Sound Design

Sound Design calls for manipulation of sounds to fit the need of the story. While in Grad School I was fortunate enough to have professors who worked in various aspects of the industry; film, music, game audio and theater. 

Michael Colin Glasner put together a short film out of Australia and had me create the soundscape from scratch. I gathered sound effects , foley plus found a soundtrack that I mixed in to make it work for the piece. His film is an experimental one and I had a great time adding the sound design. 


In my advanced sound class we were given a game clip and a single sound source that we were tied to. The objective was to take that single sound source and manipulated it using plug ins within Pro Tools. 

The one exception was that we could use the side chain (key) to add to that sound, example would be the original source was water and side chain a ak-47 to it and you get bullets under water. 

Here is a sample of the clip.