In 2013, I decided to work in Brand based marketing at Grand Canyon University. Below are some of the videos that I produced for clients within the University as well as a regional commercial that I shot and edited.

2014-2015 Mens and Womens Division II Basketball Intros

Pre-Producton-Production- Post Production 

This video was produced in collaboration with Producer Barry Buetel, Camera Op: Steven Niedzielski. 


My Role: Pre Produciton- Script, Storyboard, Scheduling , Call sheets
Production: Lights, SteadiCam operation, blocking and direction
Post Production- Editing, Color Correction, 4k-proress 444 conversion, Sound Design and dialogue editing.
distribution- Arena mix and calibration. 


Club Sports Promo

Role: Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Sound Design/ V.O. Recordist/ Re-Recording Mixer

Award: Bronze Telly Award 

 The Narrow Path: Honduras

I was fortunate enough to travel to Central America for three weeks to produce, shoot, capture sound and edit a documentary for Grand Canyon University. The trailer above was edited with Final Cut X. 

 The Narrow Path: Episode one- Adios Phoenix

 Welcome Week 2014

Role:SteadiCam op/Co-Editor/Music Supervisor


 Welcome Week 2014 Day 2

Role:SteadiCam op/Co-Editor/Music Supervisor

 Thunder Lope Spring break project

GCU's Mascot is Thunder the Lope and he is a major part of the branding message. I produced, shot and edited this video to keep the momentum going for when the students got back from their break. 

Academic Commercial for Faculty 

Role: Producer/storyboard artist/cinematographer/Editor/Colorist 

 Student Engagement trailer

Role: Producer/storyboard artist/cinematographer/Editor/Colorist

 School of Fine Arts and Production: Theather and Drama

 School of Fine Arts and Produciton: Music Education

 School of Fine Arts and Production: Dance Education

 School of Fine Arts and Production: Digital Film Production

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