Raibar is an award winning filmmaker who has over a decade of experience working in audio and video production. During that time, he’s worked in a range of production environments, from Hollywood sets to advertising agency studios. He is extremely versatile and has developed expertise in nearly every facet of the production cycle. His skillset spans pre-production (budgeting, screenwriting, storyboard development, equipment selection, location scouting), production (shooting, lighting, location sound), and post-production (video editing, color correction, motion graphics, sound editing, sound mixing). Raibar has created high-quality audio and video for agencies, non-profits, large government organizations, and documentary filmmakers. Additionally, he is an experienced consultant, offering independent equipment, storage, and archiving consultation services to a number of private sector clients. His working style is highly collaborative, and he has developed a keen understanding of the ways in which audio and video can be used to meet strategic business objectives, making him a major asset to any organization.
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  • The true warrior in my life

    My sister Riz was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adrenal Cancer in 2013. My filmmaking career was on halt while ensuring that I was there for my baby sis and my whole family. One of the things that I have learned about with her fight against cancer and our incredible journey together is that people don’t really understand the hurt that comes from cancer and the incredible warrior strength that can come out of you if you have the will power. Please think about donating to lesser known Cancer Research Organizations that support Young Adults with cancer as this is one of the areas that do not get a lot of funding and yet this age group is left disrupted in their lives. I am happy to say that my sister is continuing her fight and continuing treatments as she never gives up.
  • United States Coast Guard

    Had the Pleasure of working with the talented team over at LMO shooting a Coast Guard Lifestyle piece on Jordan Gilbert; a rescue swimmer and all around epic individual.
  • The Maple Guild

    I had the opportunity to work on Maple Guild, one of the many unique LMO clients. Working with the creative department, account executives as well as engineering to deliver various web videos for their launch site. All post production on these videos were done in house at LMO by myself and the creative team. Enjoy the site, and get ready for a disruption in the way you enjoy Maple.
  • NCARB Motion Graphics

    NCARB's annual data publication provides exclusive insights into architectural education, the path to licensure, and diversity in the profession. I was tasked with putting together the motion graphic using elements of the book. To read the full report, visit www.ncarb.org/NBTN
  • 2016 LMO Advertising

    I was offered a role at LMO Advertising as a Video Producer, helping them build out the agencies video capabilitis. I decided to take it and challenge myself. So far its been fun and we've set up a sustainable work environment. Check them out at www.lmo.com
  • CallisonRTKL and Architecture 2015

    Producing, shooting and editing various works for CallisonRTKL, an innovative Architecture Design Firm .

    CallisonRTKL Design Conference 2015 from CallisonRTKL on Vimeo.

    The Design Conference is a long-running program that brings together the best and brightest from all our offices for a three-day conference in one of our office cities. This year, 18 attendees traveled to our Los Angeles office to explore this year’s “Reinvention” theme. A full schedule of outside speakers and events helped them discover the tools they need to help further their careers and skills that will help take the larger organization to the next level.

  • Teaching the youth in Honduras 2014

    Villaro Mesa, an eye opening experience where I got to wonder the jungle for three weeks with Grand Canyon University students, filming a documentary and teaching the youth about the power of film.
  • The Legend: Richard Roundtree

    On the set of Diary of a Single Mom, directed by Robert Townsand. I ran base camp as a 2nd 2nd Assistant Director. I got to hang with some heavy hitters, Shaft himself, Billy Dee Williams, Monica Calhoun, Vivica A. Fox and many more.
  • Richard Roundtree educating me on Cigars.

  • The humble Monica Calhoun

    On the set of Diary of a Single Mom. 2nd 2nd AD.
  • I played a cop once

    I worked as a Set Production Assistant on A two part mini series: Blackout. I dabbled as a hand to stunts, background player as a reporter and cop. Check it out on Hulu.